Monday, December 05, 2005

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome - A collection of photographs of the city of Rome which includes most major monuments, and a virtual tour of the Roman Forum by Sion McElveen.

Nothing too exiciting here but this site is worth a visit. Many of the pictures have some text to introduce them. For example, the Arch of Actium page has this note, "Augustus built a triumphal arch to celebrate his victory over Sextus Pompeius in 36BC. In 29 BC he replaced it with the Arch of Actium. The reason for this was political. After the death of Caesar in 44BC his heir Octavian (later to be renamed Augustus) had sided with Mark Anthony in the civil war against the republicans Brutus and Cassius. Following their victory Octavian, Mark Anthony, and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus used the opportunity to create the second triumverate and consolidated their power by ridding themselves of their enemies. Lepidus' political and military power base was weak and the alliance between Mark Anthony and Octavian collapsed when Anthony sided with Cleopatra and discarded his wife Octavia (Octavian's sister) to set up his own eastern empire. Octavian finally defeated Anthony at the battle of Actium in 31BC. Thanks to Cleopatra's involvement he was able to portray this batlle as a victory over a foreign power, rather than being the last act in a series of civil wars. It was to this end that he built the Arch of Actium. The interior of the arch contained the consular and triumphal lists known as the fasti which are now on display in the Palazzo Dei Conservatori in the Capitoline museums."

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