Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ancient World Battles

Ancient World Battles - This site has short accounts of ancient Greek and Roman battles, starting with Marathon in 490BC.

This site has not been updated in some time (since 2001) and it is biased towards Greek and Roman battles, but it is still a nice easy read with good summary overviews for some ancient battles.

From the site:

I'm building this site to further knowledge of battles (and events around them) of the ancient western world before 650 AD. Specifically, they are Greek and Roman battles. I have seperate sections for the Greek civilization and for the Roman Empire. The Grecian section starts with the battle of Marathon, fought on September 10, 490 BC. The Roman section starts with the battle of the Allia River, fought on July 18, 386 BC. So far I have 30 major battles listed. The first 5 Greek battles are completed with extensive background info. The Roman section I have just started but I'll list the battles. I'd like a place that explains the battles of antiquity in better detail. Since I could not find one when I needed it, I promised to make it myself one day. That day has now come!

So far I'm developing the lists of battles, the biography of Gaius Julius Caesar is now complete. The Greek battles are into the Peloponnesian War.

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