Tuesday, December 13, 2005

High-tech search spots time capsule

High-tech search spots time capsule. This is from The Honolulu Advertiser. King Kamehameha V of Hawaii buried this time capsule in 1872.

I hope the finders of the time capsule unveil the contents soon. At the present, resistance is in play...

So let's open it, right?

Not so fast...

The site says, "But Conyers and Connell had a hunch the cornerstone in question would be in a northeast, or mauka/diamondhead portion of the structure — which is where they concentrated their search.Sure enough, after an appropriate amount of equipment tweaking, the radar screen blipped up an electronic version of a hollowed-out stone with the appropriate items inside. Mattice said the stone won't be opened, since they know what's in it."

They claim:

"We know the contents," said Matt Mattice, executive director of the King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center, which is in the building. "We have a list of everything. We've just never known where it was located."

Mattice said the contents seem to stress the fact that pre-American Hawai'i had become a modern nation — that it had a free press, a constitution and numerous societies.

And is this really relevant to the discussion at hand? His assumptions do not change the right of the public to open the capsule.

Open the capsule! What is inside? A court order should open this up. Time capsules are meant to be opened in the future. As such, we in the modern world have a right to view this capsule.

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