Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dr Sam Newton's Wuffings' Website

Dr Sam Newton's Wuffings' Website - This site is about the early medieval kingdom of East Anglia and its Wuffing dynasty as well as aspects of the literature, legend, history, and archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England.

The site creator is Dr. Sam Newton who is an independent scholar. His biography page notes, "Since 1986 I have been working as a free lance tutor in Wuffing and Early Medieval Studies (Old English Literature, Language, History, & Archaeology), running courses in and around East Anglia. I have also conducted guided site-tours to Sutton Hoo, Rendlesham, and sites throughout eastern England (for a list click here). More recently I have been contributing to Radio and Television programmes."

A large part of the site is promoting Dr. Newton's lectures and his books. However, there are a few content pages of note including A Wuffing Studies' Reading List, The Old English Calendar, Wuffing and Related Places of Interest [sites where the Wuffings walked; and more], and Sutton Hoo: Burial-Ground of the Wuffings.

I must admit that I had not read about the Wuffings or the Kingdom of East Anglia before. I think I will be doing some more reading on this in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

Sam Bewton is not only a great expert on the Wuffings but is also rather an imposing figure.

He gives facsinating lectures at Sutton Hoo, mostly to elderly admorers such as myself, to which he arrives on a high-powered motorcycle

Kind regards

Audrey Wylfing