Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Walk Through Historic Buildings

Walk Through Historic Buildings - The US National Park Service provides this quick guide to identifying the visual character of a historic building, to be aware of what is important to preserve. It also includes a quiz.

One point to remember is that just because a building is old does not mean it is historic. Community activists make this mistake a lot as they try to use the age of buildings to thwart developers. However, if you have a historic building, this site will give you tips on how to identify key features of the building and preserve them accordingly.

From the site:

That's the question you always need to ask – and answer – before starting to rehabilitate a historic building. If you can identify the visually distinctive materials, features, and spaces prior to work, you are much more likely to preserve them during the work.

WHO SHOULD COME IN? This web site is designed especially for new members of historic preservation commissions, as well as property owners, architects, and developers. Anyone is welcome, of course!

WHAT CAN YOU LEARN? Through illustrated examples, we show you how to weigh the visual impact of proposed changes to the exterior, interior, and site using a 3-step approach. By applying this method to evaluate a historic building from a distance, up close, and inside, you can begin to decide where alterations might reasonably take place – and which visual aspects you need to preserve.

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