Monday, February 20, 2006

Getting the Message Out

Getting the Message Out - Today is President's Day in the United States of America. Wikipedia says, "Washington's Birthday, popularly known as Presidents' Day, is a federal holiday in the United States celebrated on the third Monday of February. Previously George Washington's birthday was observed on February 22. By popular opinion the holiday also honors at least Abraham Lincoln and often other Presidents of the United States as well. " So, I guess we can also honor the memory of other President's like Zachary Taylor and James Polk too.

In honor of the holiday, I have blogged Getting the Message Out. It is an exhibition examining the national popular political culture in the antebellum United States through campaign materials from presidential campaigns from 1840-1860. The site includes histories, biographies, and primary source material such as campaign biographies and campaign songbooks, as well as song recordings, images, and teachers' guide.

From the site:

Getting the Message Out! National Political Campaign Materials, 1840-1860 presents an examination of national popular political culture in antebellum America. It includes histories of the presidential campaigns from 1840-1860, as well as primary source material, such as campaign biographies and campaign songbooks. Recordings of some of the songs are also available.

This project was made possible by a generous grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services and is provided by the Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project at Northern Illinois University Libraries.

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