Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Two Great History Carnivals

There are two interesting history carnivals up. This includes History Carnival #27 and the Carnival of Bad History #5. There are a variety of good (and a few bad) history blog posts highlighted.

I was caught by this writing at the Carnival of Bad History post, "Yes, I'm complaining: the number of independent submissions from the historical blogosphere was pitiful, in spite of the publicity I got from some of the best-read bloggers in the 'sphere. Given the educational potential, political abuses and cultural damage of bad history, I would have thought that they'd be lining up to host and flooding the inbox with submissions. Nope."

This is an interesting question. With all the fuss over Holocaust revisionists this month, one would think that there would be many posts from established history bloggers on bad history. I did one on Holocaust denial but I did not nominate myself.

It could also be that some bloggers would rather not provoke some of the historical revisionists. Taking on Holocaust deniers is OK for most of us but annoying revisionisist who base their arguments on nationalistic or religious grounds can be quite unpleasant to deal with if you provoke them. As such, I think history bloggers have a tendency to avoid some topics which deal with bad history. (I will note that I received several threatening comments from Texas separatists based on my post Wacky American Separatists last year. I refused to publish the comments. I would post this again given the choice but I probably would not use such a provoking word as wacky.)


Ahistoricality said...

It's not that historians are afraid of Holocaust deniers, though they are time-sinks of the first order (detail-oriented, obsessive, highly motivated and largely immune to anything like normal historical logic). Like yourself, many history bloggers took up the issue of Irving and the list at Orac's place of blogs supporting THHP is pretty substantial.

It's the lack of submissions and interest in the carnival itself that I'm concerned about. I love the HC, and Carnivalesque and AHC as resources and communities, but I think the CBH has the greatest potential to allow historians to reach out and take on those myths, deniers, movies, etc., and engage people with some humor and some facts....

Miland said...

Thanks for the clarification. Sorry that I misunderstood that part. I will be on the look out for suitable posts for the next Carnival of Bad History.

Jennie W said...

I went and looked at the "bad history" post. Its funny. I think that many of us are simply lazy and don't want to bother to post or deal with it.