Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weapons of Medieval Destruction

Weapons of Medieval Destruction. Information on medieval siege weapons which were the "wmd" of their time!

The site includes a history of siege weapons, an article (with pictures) of places to view siege weapons, tips on building a catapult, and information on how to buy a siege weapon.

These weapons were definitely the equivalent (with reduced range of course) of modern weapons of mass destruction. The site notes how these weapons were used for biological and psychological warfare, "These weapons were used for launching rocks, or anything else that came to hand, into or over castle walls. They were used in the first instances of biological and psychological warfare- firing dead animals over the walls into the castle to possibly spread disease, and they were sometimes used to 'repatriate' spies, captured soldiers or messengers back into the castle! Froissart mentions in his chronicles of an English messenger at the siege of Auberoche in 1334 being launched back into the castle with his letters tied to him!! Bee hives and burning tar have also been used as missiles. "

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