Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Who was who in Roman times

Who was who in Roman times. This site has an index to persons, events, peoples and other subjects in Roman times largely based on sources from that time. It also has links to images of historic persons.

I was initially not impressed with this site. When I clicked on Tiberius it noted, "Stepson of Augustus, had to marry his daughter Julia, and became his successor (14-37 AD) Was very suspicious." Well, that is not very useful. However, when I clicked on details I was presented with a large number of ancient sources dealing with Tiberius with links to the full-text of the source available at the same site. With that, my opinion went from this being a marginal resource to actually considering this to be a decent ready reference site with the potential to also be useful to scholars doing primary research.

This site also has information on geography, religion, mythology, and events. There is also a decent links paged organized by topic.

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