Monday, March 13, 2006

Writing the Civil War: The Why and How It Was Fought

Writing the Civil War: The Why and How It Was Fought. This article is Phil Bryant. It examines the American Civil War to help writers attempt to write fiction based during this time period.

I think this article is worthy in that it clearly explains the motivations of most who fought in the war. For example, most northerners were not fighting to free slaves anymore than most southerners (many who owned no slaves) were fighting for the institution of slavery.

There is also good coverage on the organizations of armies in both the north and the south. This includes how armies were raised and how they were divided by regiment and corp.

From the site:

America has always approached its conflicts as if extending the thought of the uniquely American way of life, that is to say as if to leave each man to his own devices and choices free to make or break his own way into life as he has been endowed by his creator. National defense, up until the advent of the Second World War was something for a small national army to attend to. The American Civil War was fought not by professional armies but by armies filled with patriots who answered the call of their respective side and put aside all personal want or gain for the larger call of defending their nation. As a historian and writer, I've collected some of my knowledge and research into this article to aid fellow writers in their desires to write short stories and novels set in the Civil War.

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