Friday, April 07, 2006

Aboriginal Resistance

Aboriginal Resistance - This site is a decent timeline of incidents of Aboriginal resistance to European settlement in Australia. It covers 1790-1997. The history begins with accounts of violence and thievery and ends with details of Australian court cases. This shows how the method of resistance shifted over time.

The site notes, "This list has been compiled from quotations in just three published sources, listed at the bottom of this page. There were, and are, many many more instances of resistance, but when this many are seen in such a long list they help to explode the myth that Europeans walked in here and took over without any real resistance. There is strong evidence that there was a long and protracted guerilla war here in Australia using many tactics including destruction of food sources, distruption of lines of supply and communication, spying, negotiating, killing the enemy, stealing of food, not just to deprive their enemy of it, but to provide for their own people in times when energy was used for meetings and fighting instead of hunting and gathering, stealing and learning to use our weapons, humiliating and demoralising the enemy, not cooperating with Europeans, and being generally disruptive. "

The design of the page is bad in my opinion. Putting yellow text on a brown background is not aesthetically pleasing and it hurts my eyes! If you can get past this though there is some good information to find.

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