Saturday, April 15, 2006

History Carnival #29

History Carnival #29. The newest edition of the History Carnival is up at (a)musings of a grad student. Rebecca Goetz has done a great job sorting through and posting a great number of quality history blog posts. (And Rebecca is getting even more famous as her blog was just featured in US News and World Report.)

A couple of posts I have checked out and found of great interest:

What the Romans did to women in early Britain - Any regular WHB reader knows I am a big fan of ancient Rome. However, I was not amused to read about female infanticide as practiced in Roman Brittania.

Axis of Evel Knievel looked at comparisons between Bush and Truman. It also seems kind of premature in my view. You might also look at comparisons between Lincoln and Bush as both were unpopular presidents fighting unpopular wars. (Except that Lincoln was hated more...) I guess it really will be history (and not public opinion polls) which will determine the Bush legacy.

Top five tax troublemakers ever - This is a fun read as taxes are due on Monday in the USA! The H&R Block tale is a hoot.

Who needs to celebrate Easter tomorrow? Stay home and read all of the History Carnival posts. :]

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Whoops! Thanks for correcting the link! I've fixed it.