Monday, May 22, 2006

How Japanese Warlords Got Their Armies

How Japanese Warlords Got Their Armies. This site has pictures and a history of how Japanese warlords between the year 800 to 1615 acquired their armies and navies. It also includes details on how the troops were managed. There are also details on what kind of men were soldiers, captains and generals for the warlords.

I will admit that this site is confusingly laid out. I almost gave up on it. However, if you ignore all the links at the top and scroll down, you will find some good content. The writing is strange but readable (English as a second language?) although I am not sure about all the facts that the author (Nina Wilhelmina) is asserting.

The writing is often funny. Check out this quote, "A ninja corp is an olden days Japanese version of the CIA and FBI condensed; the first part of their job was outbound while the second part of the same job was homebound, as undercover cops."

I am sure that most visitors will learn some good information. Enjoy the humor at the site at the same time. However, double check any facts before you use this as a reference for your dissertation or book!

From the site:

There were 4 ways for you, were you living in Japan between 660 BCE and 1615, to be a warlord or 'daimyo':

1. You could be a chief of some decent samurai band, which had been lending their arts to other people's clans, for which your band got rewards in the form of land. This would have made you the head of samurai clans such as Mori and Matsuura and the entire Oda Nobunaga Generals.

2. You could have gotten the Emperor's own letter of assignment that said you were the rep of His Majesty in so-and-so area. This was how the warlord clans of Imagawa (Suruga), Takeda (Kai) and Otomo (Bungo) rose.

3. You could have worked for other people who were appointed by the Imperial Decree as governors or reps in certain territories, and showed your boss how to get real by taking up actual ruling of the said area. That's the way of the Oda, Asakura, Asai, and Uesugi.

4. You could just be yourself, i.e. jobless samurai, who spent all your youth to wander around aimlessly until you could somehow kill a warlord and snatch his territory. This was what Saito Dosan did to get Mino, and Hojo to take Kamakura over.

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