Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean

The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean. This site has a series of lessons from Dartmouth College covering Aegean Civilization from the Paleolithic period through the end of the Minoan Palatial era in the twelfth century B.C.

This is a well done site and the lessons have a lot of information. There are a total of 29 lessons ranging from The Southern Greek Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic Sequence at Franchthi to Post-Palatial Twilight: The Aegean in the Twelfth Century B.C. There are also sections on chronology, terminology, and the environment.

From the site:

This site contains information about the prehistoric archaeology of the Aegean. Through a series of lessons and illustrations, it traces the cultural evolution of humanity in the Aegean basin from the era of hunting and gathering (Palaeolithic-Mesolithic) through the early village farming stage (Neolithic) and the formative period of Aegean civilization into the age of the great palatial cultures of Minoan Crete and and Mycenaean Greece.

The textual information and illustrations in this site come from the lecture notes of Jeremy B. Rutter, Chairman of the Classics Department at Dartmouth College.

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Catholicgauze said...

Excellent link. I love archaeology and this was a gold mine!