Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Selous Scouts

Selous Scouts. The Zimbabwean War of Independence (also called the Second Chimurenga War) lasted from the early 1970s until March 1980. The combatants of this conflict were the Nationalists against the Rhodesian government. The war ended with a nationalist victory. This site has the story of the Rhodesian counter-insurgency force known as the Selous Scouts.

Information on the site includes unit profile, training methods, photo galleries, details on internal and external military operations, award winners, details on tactical bushcraft, and several other sections as well. This is a well researched site worth visiting despite the obvious pro-Rhodesian slant that some may find offensive.

The photo galleries are interesting in that they show numerous photos (with annotations) of the Selous Scouts training. It appears to have been brutal. The men are carrying rocks, tearing their hands to shreds on ropes, eating a decomposed baboon, drinking antelope intestines, etc. I have no doubt that those who made it through this training were forminable opponents!

From the site:

Welcome to the SELOUS SCOUTS, once the most feared counter-insurgency force on the African continent

During the course of the war the Selous Scout were officially credited with either directly or indirectly being responsible for 68% of all terrorist killed, while losing less than 40 scouts in the process.

With this site I tried to obtain as much information on the scouts to give the reader hopefully clear idea of who and what the scouts were and what they were fighting for in an around the former country of Rhodesia.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely wrong, the African groups against the government of Rhodesia were NOT nationalists, they were Communists as is obvious by who trained and equipped them to wage their terrorist campaigns.