Friday, June 16, 2006

Alaskan History Cruise, Introduction

OK, I am trying something different for this history blog. My wife and I are going on an Alaskan Cruise. We are leaving today from Seattle on a seven day cruise which will be stopping in Juneau, Glacier Bay, Sitka, Ketchikan, and Victoria, British Columbia.

I could put this blog on vacation for over a week but I decided to try something else...

Welcome to the first post of a planned eight post (including this introduction) series on the history of Alaska reported by Miland Brown as I enjoy my vacation. The ship I am traveling on (ms Zaandam) has an Internet Room and I should be able to post information on the history of places I am visiting. If not, then this blog will not be updated for a week and I guess my regular readers will know why!

I am calling this the Alaskan History Cruise series rather than an Alaskan History series as my experiences in Alaska will be limited. I will only be reporting basically on the southeast panhandle of Alaska. I will be missing much of the state. Further, the ship will be spending time in Canadian waters and be visiting Victoria in British Columbia. This is not part of Alaska but it is part of an Alaskan History Cruise so it will be covered.

Also, please note that that Holland America does not offer an Alaskan History Cruise. I am making it history themed by my research and my choice of shore excursions. If you want to try this, just sign up for a regular Alaskan cruise and do the same!

Here is a list of posts. The text will have a link on it after the post is actually made! This post was written before leaving for the trip. The rest will be composed onboard daily.

Alaskan History Cruise, Part One - (At Sea) A History of Holland America and the ms Zaandam
Alaskan History Cruise, Part Two - History of Juneau
Alaskan History Cruise, Part Three - History of Glacier Bay
Alaskan History Cruise, Part Four - History of Sitka
Alaskan History Cruise, Part Five - History of Ketchikan
Alaskan History Cruise, Part Six - History of Victoria
Alaskan History Cruise, Part Seven - Back in Seattle

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