Sunday, June 25, 2006

Alaskan History Cruise, Part Seven - Back in Seattle

(The Space Needle in Seattle from below.)

The cruise is over. I am now back home. After disembarking from the ms Zaandam, Kate and I explored Seattle (including the Space Needle) and then flew home. This blog will now return to normal programming.

Was this worth doing?

Was history blogging while on vacation worthwhile? Or, was it an inane vanity? I guess that others will have to make that decision. I enjoyed doing it but I realize others may be less tolerant.

The overall quality of my posts was not as informative and as deep as I hoped. The high internet charges on the ship (and a lack of any word processing software) made writing difficult and expensive. Clearly, the Holland America Line is not going to encourage bloggers to travel on their ships. However, this is probably a temporary problem. I avoided the cruise line phones by making calls on my cell phone. It is only a matter of time before a portable internet system will work for passengers too.

More on Alaska

This series of posts did a good job of giving basic historical information on the ports of call I made in Alaska on this cruise. However, it did not give a good overview to Alaskan history as a whole. I missed all of Alaska outside of the southeast panhandle. What is the history of the state as a whole? How have earthquakes shaped the state? Why do some separatists believe that Alaska is not legally an American state?

Here are some additional places to look:

Regional: North America: United States: Alaska: Society and Culture: History - The Open Directory Project category on the subject.

Arts > Humanities > History > By Region > U.S. States > Alaska - The Yahoo! Category for Alaskan history.

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