Thursday, June 08, 2006

Problems with Blogger?

I have had difficulty the last two days in accessing Blogger. In fact, I have made two posts which were "eaten" by Blogger and vanished. I have recreated one and republished it. It is the one that deals with punishment in pre-revolutionary America.

I also have had no comment submissions in the last several days. I usually have several a day although due to spamming I usually only approve 10% of suggested comments. If you made a real comment not related to promoting a website in the last few days, please resubmit.

I hope this is fixed soon...


Janice said...

I've noticed some issues also, I think they've doing some major maintenance.

I love your blog by the way


Miland said...

Thanks Janice.

sumir said...

Kevin M. Levin of Civil War Memory also faced the same problem. He has made link to your blog. He migrated to another server.

I feel that such problems come from time to time. I have found that if you try to post more than three pages of A4 size at one go, the problem crops up.

Secondly, in case of editing, there seems to be some type of policy check. The verification codes appear three time before it gets uploaded. It irritates sometime.

Thirdly, I have found that after posting your text on their software, if you take long time for editing it there and then, and after five to six minutes you press their Post it option, you start facing problem. I have adopted one approach when I find that I need to edit the post. I first save the draft. Then I again enter the Edit page and then make the posting. In between I disconnect my internet connection. I face lesser problem.

I think the google people must look into this problem. They can not afford to loose people like you. I feel that loss of Kevin to google is a substantial loss. '

Machu Picchu is an interesting find. I also now refer to wikipedia more and more.

Just a general question. How do you locate new topics? Are they part of you some teaching course or part of such topics which you want to learn in course of the reading and course development?

Miland said...


Thanks for the tips on using Blogger. I am going to have to learn to write everything first and then cut-and-paste the text to Blogger. That will save me lost posts!

I am not going to migrate to another server if I can help it. There are hundreds of sites linking to the World History Blog. If I change my url, I will lose a ot of visitors. I will try to stick it out.

"Just a general question. How do you locate new topics?"

I try to cover different time periods, regions, and topics. To do this, I use good web directories like the Open Directory Project, Joeant, and the Yahoo Web Directory. The way these directories are organized helps me to find new topics but still keep a wide coverage. My reading in books also prompts many posts!