Sunday, July 02, 2006

History Carnival XXXIV

History Carnival XXXIV. The newest edition of the History Carnival is up at Chapati Mystery. As is the norm for this carnival, there are lots of good posts to explore. In particular, I like how the author (Sepoy) used a photo collage hosted at flickr to share additional worthy posts. Very creative!

The host also complains about Brazil losing in the World Cup. Hey, cheer up! Brazil won four games and finished in the top eight. Poor me, I actually rooted for the American side again who managed one tie and two losses. I know soccer (football) is not and never will be a popular sport in the USA but we do have some world class caliber athletes in the sport now. I was hoping for a better performance.

The host for the next History Carnival is Andrew Ross at Air Pollution. Get your submissions in early and often!

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