Thursday, July 13, 2006

Homework from History Is Elementary

You can sure tell that elementaryhistoryteacher at History is Elementary is a K-12 instructor. Can you believe she just handed out summer homework to her readers? She claims this is in celebration of her 100th post but I smell an elaborate scheme to pick up new back links to her blog and up her Technorati ranking. :]I'll play along but this is my 812th post. Just see what homework I will have in store for elementaryhistoryteacher when I hit 1000!

Here is the assignment I selected:

Create a post or comment that includes something about 100 miles, 100 dollars, 100 years, and 100 pounds. You can write about each in a separate paragraph or combine all four things together, but all four categories need to be in the same post.

Of course, I will up the difficulty a bit and make each item history related.

A. 100 Miles

In 60 AD, Boadicea (Queen of East Anglia) led a revolt attributed to corrupt tax collectors in Britannia. The revolt allegedly killed all Roman soldiers within 100 miles. Nero crushed the revolt and reestablished Roman rule. (Source: A History of Taxation.)

B. 100 Dollars

In 1861, the United States Federal government was offering 100 dollars as an enlistment bonus to raise 300,000 soldiers requested by President Lincoln to fight separatist rebels in the south. (Source: The Civil War in America.)

C. 100 Years

The 100 Years War between France and England lasted more than a hundred years. However, since some historians can not count well I can include this! (Source: Hundred Years' War 1337-1453.)

D. 100 Pounds

In 1657, Massachusetts passed a law levying a fine of 100 pounds for bringing a Quaker into the colony. (Source: Excerpts from Mary Dyer and Companions, Martyrs.)

And like that, I am done. Please do not forget to give me an A+ please.


EHT said...

An A+ and a "MOST EXCELLENT" which I do not give out that often. I like your history twist and your content is very interesting.

Your comment about my ploy to obtain links is a little over the top, but since you brought it up I have gained one or two. I plan on paying those people back including you, my magnificent Miland. :)

M said...

"Your comment about my ploy to obtain links is a little over the top, but since you brought it up I have gained one or two."

Sorry, I was joking! I will go and put a smile next to it to make sure no one takes it the wrong way. :]

Jennie W said...

Hey, are you trying to make the rest of us look bad?:) History related and all.....what a show off!

Author designate said...

I don't know if it would work for everyone but I got interested in history trying to create Christmas letters from all sorts of people.

Maybe writing a a short letter to a friend from whoever they are studying could make it fun?