Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Humbled by the Storm

Yesterday was not a good weather day. A massive storm hit my town yesterday shortly after 6PM. I was getting ready to sit down and write a history post when I noticed the weather outside.

Dark low hanging clouds came out of nowhere. The temperature dropped from 90 to 75 in less than an hour. The power went out before the winds and rain hit. For the next 6 hours, high winds and constant rain (and some hail) came down. With the power out, my subpump failed to operate and for the first time since I have owned the house, my basement flooded. (Thankfully, my books are on shelves and were spared.)

The storm warning sirens went off several times. As the sky looked dangerous (and green!), I have no doubt that funnel clouds were spotted. Fortunately, no twisters touched down.

The power is still out. Fortunately, the university has power so I can go online in my office. I guess a night using flashlights and candles is pretty tame but I did find it a good reminder of how much I take computers, the Internet, cable TV, microwaves, and refrigerators for granted. Most of the people I write about in this blog did not have access to any of this stuff and they got along just fine.

Maybe if the power stays down today I should sleep in my office tonight? The heat is back but the air conditioners are not working at home. Probably not but it is a thought.

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