Monday, July 03, 2006

Resources for American Independence Day

July 4th will be Independence Day in the USA. It will be the 230th anniversary of the official birth of the country. To encourage research on this topic, I have compiled (with help from the DMOZ) a list of websites which are useful for finding information (including history) on American Independence Day:

American Independence Day - History of 4th of July and the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence and national anthem, quotes, biographies of presidents, crafts, recipes, humor, fireworks information, and desktop themes.

A Capitol Fourth - Features a history of the fourth of July from PBS.

Fourth of July Celebrations Database - From American University, selected examples of Independence Day celebrations throughout US history.

Happy 4th of July! Celebrate America's Birthday - Provides brief historical articles for children and adults, as well as links to historical documents.

Protesting the Independence Day Colony - Fourth of July speeches, poems, and proclamations by anti-imperialists that used Independence Day symbolism to oppose U.S. imperialism in the Philippines.

War and Empire in Fourth of July Cartoons - Political cartoons incorporating Fourth of July and Independence Day symbolism in portrayals of the Spanish-American and Philippine-American wars, 1898 to 1902. (This site has horrible pop up ads but good content.)

What Presidents Did on the Fourth of July - Chronology gives information on what the presidents were doing on the Fourth of July during their tenures.

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