Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Uncovering the Mask of Macedonia

Uncovering the Mask of Macedonia. This is a fantastic article on the history of Macedonia at Yahoo. It is in five parts and written by Richard Bangs.

A teaser on the Yahoo homepage asks, "Is this man a time traveler? A Macedonian archaeologist says three magic watches take him through the ages." Of course, this made me think this story was about a European con man or psycho case but it is just clever (and deceptive) advertising.

Instead, it deals with Pasko Kuzman. The article notes, "He has been excavating 3,000-year-old submerged sites in Lake Ohrid, and the first fortress of King Philip II, Alexander's father, on its shores. Though his academic credentials are impressive, my first response is that he's a carbon dated copy of Anthony Hopkins as the lost anthropologist in the film Instinct...Pasko's signature tools include three weighty watches he wears on his left wrist, what he calls his time machines."

The index page of the article deals with Dateline: Lake Ohrid, 360 BC.

Other parts are on:

Mysteries of the Rocks and Stars, Dateline: Kokino, 1815 BC

Hidden Riches and Spiritual Treasures, DATELINE: MEDIEVAL MACEDONIA

Healing Secrets of the Old World, Katlanovo Spa, yesterday

The Passion for Greatness Lives On, Today's Macedonia

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