Wednesday, July 19, 2006

World History Blog Banned in India!

It is true. This blog has been banned by the Indian government and Internet Service Providers have been ordered to block this url.

Am I really that subversive? Do I help to spread dissent or bad karma? Unfortunately, I am not alone. Millions of blogs have been banned.

ABC News Online reports, "India has banned access to 17 websites and blogs it says preach messages of religious hatred, an official said. But in scrambling to obey the order some of India's Internet service providers have simply blocked users from looking at entire domains such as - and the thousands of blogs, or online web journals, hosted there. "

I first became aware of this problem a few days back. Sumir Sharma, a lecturer in Punjab and a regular commenter at this blog, sent me this note, "I never thought I have to disturb you like this because we bloggers in India are facing a problem. All the blogs of blogspot and typepad are blocked in India. There is not authentic information why it has been done. But it is difficult now to access ones own blog through ISPs in India. I just wanted to share this problem with you. However, there is a solution by which I have reached it. We are now using proxy servers to reach you people. No doubt, we can make are posts but we can not see our own blog or blogs of other writers. "

This is indeed unfortunate. I hope this is fixed soon. I hate to see the Indian blogging community handicapped in this way. India is a country which is generally free of censorship. Why are they blocking out the blogging world? I wish my fellow bloggers in India (history or otherwise) the best in getting this resolved.


Musawwir said...

all the blogs from blogspot are blocked? wow, you can only think that such a rule is god I don't even know what it is, sad is the first thing that comes to mind.

Glass said...

You could set up a mirror site on a domain that is not blocked in India. You could us to create an html display that will automatically update itself from this blog. If you can find a web space provider that is not blocked in India, you can set up an account, place the html code on a page there, and try as best you can to publicize the URL to your India readers. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

sumir said...


Thanks for endorsing and supporting the protest against the blocking of blogs in India.

It seems that the ban is now lifted. For me, I can open my blogs and reach your blog with its original address. I hope that other bloggers, who are using different ISPs may be accessing their blog without any hindrance.