Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Carnival of Bad History is Coming to the World History Blog

I am pleased to announce that the Carnival of Bad History is coming to the World History Blog. It will be hosted here on Friday, September 22nd. If you see a good post on bad history or a really bad history post, please let me know.

This is a description of the carnival from the carnival site, "The world is full of bad history. Best-selling novels are full of it. Nostalgia-dripping reruns on Pax and the Hallmark channel are full of it. Blockbuster summer movies are full of it. Statements by the leaders of public opinion are full of it. Boy, are they full of it. Alan and John thought the world needed a place to expose bad history. This is that place."

So, if your blog or another blog has exposed some bad history, submit it. If you see some bad history that gets you annoyed, submit it. Bad history can take many forms from politics, movies, and inappropriate attempts at revision. Examples covered on this blog over the last 2 1/2 years include Holocaust revisionists, lunar landing deniers, fake claims of occupation by separatists groups, 9/11 revisionists, and some cranks that deny the middle ages ever happened. And as past editions of this carnival have shown, this is just scrapping the surface...

If you want to submit, send an e-mail either to “miland[at]usa2014[dot]com” or "badhistory[at]" I look forward to seeing your submission(s).

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