Wednesday, August 02, 2006

History Carnival XXXVI

History Carnival XXXVI. The newest edition of the History Carnival as up at Clews. This blog is described as , "WELCOME to my study of historic true crime. Take a seat, please. They're high-backed and cushioned, as cozy as a first-class Pullman. My chair rests at the intersection of history, journalism, law, and murder, and true crime connoisseur that you are, you'll recognize familiar tales. But I want to tell you some stories you haven't heard before... "

The history blogosphere did not do a good job with this one. The author (Laura James) notes, "For this, the 36th edition of the History Carnival, your hostess received exactly zero nominations. Much of the citizenry of the history blogosphere seems to be -- if not standing in front of the television, hands over mouths -- downloading reruns of Gilligan's Island from YouTube."

Sorry, I usually submit three or four submissions. But, I have been traveling on vacation, dealing with a sick kid, and a flooded basement. I guess late summer is a bad time to host the carnival as would over the Christmas holiday as people are busy and away from their computers. Potential future host for the January 1st, 2007 History Carnival, you have been warned!

Despite the lack of submission, the host has done a great job. Thanks Laura!

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Jennie W said...

Summer time strikes! I think all my students have the same problems....