Thursday, August 17, 2006

History Carnival XXXVII

History Carnival XXXVII. The newest edition of the venerable History Carnival is up at Mode for Caleb. The blog author (Caleb McDaniel) has done a great job pulling together a great carnival!

A few favorites with the writing cut and pasted directly from the carnival:

1. Tom Hanks is ... James Madison. The American Presidents Blog wonders if it might be coming soon to a theater near you. It's a movie that Ed Darrell would probably be happy to see.

2. Tim Burke, who has been live-blogging his library-cataloging, pauses to ruminate on the importance of reputation capital in the hierarchy of academic norms.

3. Natalie Bennett takes the blogosphere on a cycle tour of the historic architecture in Hastings, Winchelsea and Rye.

The next History Carnival will be hosted at Frog in a Well: Japan.

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