Monday, August 07, 2006

Smithonian Source - Resources for Teaching American History

Smithonian Source - Resources for Teaching American History. The site exclaims, "Find teacher-selected resources that allow you to peer over the historian's shoulder and share the excitement of discovery." Despite some annoying background music and slow loading times, this site delivers.

The site contains a large number of primary sources. All of the material is in the public domain and available to educators for use in teaching in class or online. The Teaching with Primary Sources page has five teaching ideas with video and lesson plan attached. The Historical Topics page has collected primary sources into one of six collections including Civil Rights, Colonial America, Invention, Native American History, Transportation, and Westward Expansion. There is also an option for doing a simple keyword search of all material in the site database.

From the site:

This website reflects the work of several groups of teachers who conducted research at the Smithsonian and other national historical organizations. For this reason, some of the primary sources included in Smithsonian Source are not from the Smithsonian collections. Teachers also chose the historical topics on the site, and these categories reflect their curricula rather than the terminology or organizational methods of the Smithsonian Institution.

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