Thursday, October 05, 2006

History at the Academic Blog Portal

There is a new wiki project called the Academic Blog Portal. The FAQ at the site notes, "This is a portal that is intended to provide resources for (a) academic bloggers, and (b) people who want to read academic blogs. It is a first step towards Scott McLemee's suggestion of an aggregating site to provide the academic blogosphere with a greater degree of coherence. The main organizing principle of the site is a list of academic blogs, organized by discipline."

There is already a substantial amount of content on the History page. I guess this page may rival Cliopatria's History Blogroll at some point. In addition, it appears that the site is encouraging blog authors to write short articles about their blogs and themselves. This could be a nice feature giving this site extra value. The key will be in how good the community is in keeping non-academic blogs (primarily splogs) from getting listed and using the site to help in spamming efforts.

Also, do not try to unmask anonymous bloggers' identities here! The FAQ also notes, "Any attempt to reveal the identity of a blogger who prefers to remain anonymous will result in immediate and permanent banning with extreme prejudice."

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