Thursday, November 02, 2006

Britannica Blog

Rod Waldhoff at the Encyclopedia Britannica has been kind enough to point out a new blog to me. It is the Britannica Blog. The blog is described as, "Britannica Blog is a place for smart, lively conversations about a broad range of topics. Art, science, history, current events – it’s all grist for the mill. We’ve given our writers encouragement and a lot of freedom, so the opinions here are theirs, not the company’s. Please jump in and add your own thoughts."

The blog was recently started in October. It has an impressive range of authors. The names and brief biographies can be found at Although this blog is more than history it does have a strong history theme and I think many history blog readers will enjoy it.

There is also a new tool at Britannica that bloggers may find useful called Refmaker. You can type in text and the tool will attempt to find related links in the Britannica. It will then create a code you can paste on your blog with a link to an appropriate article in the encyclopedia. The best part of this is, "Once you have published the text on your web site, users who follow the links from your web site to ours will be able to view the entire text of the Encyclopedia Britannica article, regardless of their membership to Britannica Online."

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