Monday, November 06, 2006

NOVA: Lost at Sea - The Search for Longitude

NOVA: Lost at Sea - The Search for Longitude. Companion to the PBS special about the quest for a method of determining a seafaring ship's longitude. This site has information on why ocean navigation depends on knowing what time it is. In addition, it has the story behind the manufacture of John Harrison's marine timekeepers in the 18th century which allowed for the measurement of longitude.

The site has a teacher's guide, a find your longitude game, Secrets of Ancient Navigation, and information on GPS.

From the site:

Welcome to the companion Web site to "Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude," originally broadcast on October 6, 1998. Based on the bestselling book Longitude by Dava Sobel, the program tells the story of how an unknown genius, John Harrison, discovered the key to navigating on the open seas and thus solved one of the thorniest problems of the 1700s.

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