Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Conference in Iran to debate Holocaust sparks outrage

Conference in Iran to debate Holocaust sparks outrage. Not that I am shocked, but I am still disappointed that the Iranian government went ahead with this outrageous conference. Christine Hauser of the International Herald Tribune wrote, "A gathering in Iran billed as a conference to debate the Holocaust continued to spark outrage Tuesday, drawing fierce criticism from Western leaders. The conference in Tehran, which began Monday, has attracted Holocaust deniers from around the world who made presentations questioning the historical record of the Holocaust, including whether Nazi Germany used gas chambers to exterminate millions of Jews and other undesirables."

There is no real debate on this point. The Holocaust clearly happened. The evidence supporting it is there. Denial is bad historical revisionism at its worst. And it is very disturbing that any nation on Earth in the 21st century would even pretend that there is a real debate on this topic. What other "history" conferences will Iran be hosting next? Maybe the Iranians can hold a conference denying the historical accuracy of the Apollo Moon landings or a conference denying that any Native Americans were exterminated when the Europeans colonized North America?

Why this conference? Hauser noted, "President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has frequently voiced a view held by many in the Muslim world that the crimes of the Nazis were exaggerated to justify giving Palestinian land to Jews, ultimately leading to the creation of Israel." So, since the Iranians do not like Israel that gives them the right to deny history? And other nations are supposed to take Iran seriously and be able to actually negotiate with them to solve problems in the Middle East? How in the world can the Iranians be taken seriously if they have such problems with history and hate Israel so much they are eager to deny one of the best documented events in history?

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Fern Sidman said...

The memory of six million Jews who periahed during the Holocaust at the hands of ruthless and barbaric Nazis are now being mocked and ridiculed by Hitler's heirs. Joining Ahmadinejad at this conference is renowned KKK and white supremacist leader David Duke as well as a plethora of other individuals who have made a career of denying the Holocaust. Ahmadinejad has made it clear that if her could he would vanquish the State of israel and annhiliate all Jews. His attempts at revising history to further his nefarious agenda deserves global condemnation in the strongest terms. When this kind of evil raises it ugly head, it is incumbent on all those who value truth and decency to speak out.