Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gerald Ford, 1913-2006

"For myself and for our Nation, I want to thank my predecessor for all he has done to heal our land." President Jimmy Carter, January 20th, 1977, Inaugural Address.

I agree with the statement by President Carter. Gerald Ford did not seek the Presidency of the USA. He was thrust into it by a series of scandals unprecedented in American history. He inherited a tarnished Presidency and helped to restore respect to it. Despite the scandals of Nixon and Agnew, and a very unpopular Republican Party, he came close to winning the Presidential election of 1976. Even those who disagreed with him and his pardon of Nixon respected him.

Most of the Presidents of the last 35 years draw venom from partisans of one side or another. Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and both Bush's draw fire from those claiming them to be bad people, bad presidents, or just stupid. But not Ford. He seems to be the last American President to be respected almost universally by both sides. I hope he rests in peace.

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