Sunday, December 31, 2006

HBO Rome (Season Two) Coming Soon

I leave 2006 with happy news. HBO Rome, the awesome TV series about the last days of the Roman Republic and the birth of the Roman Empire, will have season two debut on January 14th.

Sadly, this may be the final season. Wikipedia notes, "Subsequently in a news conference HBO Chairman Chris Albrecht confirmed that Rome season two would air on HBO in January 2007, but would not return for a third season."

I hope this is not the end. This is a well done series that is clearly delighting TV viewers beyond those few of us who spend tons of time studying Roman history. There is a lot that can be covered in future seasons.

How about having season three take place before, during, and after the Year of Four Emperors in AD 69? The writers could start with the end of Nero and run through the intrigues of Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and Vespaspian. Good episodes could center around Otho's heroic suicide to spare the Roman people further civil war and the backdrop of the Great Jewish Revolt and Titus's sack of Jerusalem. Season Four could concentrate on the Flavian Dynasty founded by Vespaspian.

I could go on with many future season ideas. HBO, post a comment if you need a historical advisor who also likes good TV. Regardless, I look forward to season two.

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German Surfer said...

Excellent idea, the seasons 3 and 4. Do you know the falco-novels by Lindsey Davis? The hero is marcus didius falco, the "first private investigator in history". He lives in rome, loves a senator's daughter and sometimes works for vespasian - though the ceasar never pays him. I think, falco would be a great new vorenus ;)