Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Labels and the New Version of Blogger

If you are a regular at this blog, you will notice it looks a little different. The design is the same but there are some enhancements visible. Probably the most visible is the presence of labels on most of the blog posts.

What happened? I finally upgraded to the never version of Blogger. I dreaded doing this not knowing what problems would happen but it went smoothly. All I lost was my visitor counter at the bottom of the blog but that was easily restored. Using Blogger and making changes to the template and to the layout is much easier now.

And I love the ability to finally be able to add labels to posts! This will make it easy for visitors to find other posts on the same topic at this blog. So, I spent most of the weekend putting labels on most of the 900 posts I have created here since 2003. (A few posts were blog maintenance related or had other generic topics which deserved no label.) After a weekend of reviewing posts, I am done. I may change some labels and add more but I am mostly there.

It definitely showed me my interests and biases in history blogging. Here are my top labels:

American History (106)
Europe (85)
Ancient History (69)
Africa (66)
American Presidents (64)
Asia (63)
Roman History (52)
Teaching History (40)

I tend to gravitate to these areas. I will try to broaden out some more so that those areas lower on my label list get better coverage. This is the World History Blog so I do aim to spread my posts out over all areas of the world and to multiple time periods. If any one has any suggestions on how I can improve the label system on this blog, feel free to comment. A full list of my labels is visible on the lower left column of the blog.


Ken Leebow said...

How were able to get all the old posts to the new version? I'd like to convert some old blogs to the latest and greatest. Thanks.

Miland said...

You have to wait until you get the notice on your dashboard. Blogger is phasing this in slowly although eventually everyone will have the opportunity to convert.

thethar said...

I personally think this is the best blog site I have ever come across. Regardless of the window dressing, 900 quality posts in 3 years is an amazing achievement & speaks for itself.

Miland said...

Thank you.