Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cliopatria Awards 2006

The Cliopatria Awards 2006 were awarded yesterday at the American Historical Association Conference in Atlanta. The Cliopatria Awards recognize the best history writing in the blogosphere.

The winners are:

Best Individual Blog: David Noon's Axis of Evel Knievel

Best Group Blog: Mark Grimsley, Brooks Simpson, and others at Civil Warriors

Best New Blog: William J. Turkel's Digital History Hacks

Best Post: John Jordan, "For a Canadian Wikipedia," Participant Historian, 7 November 2006

Best Series of Posts, Chris Bray, "The Historian as Soldier: Shadows and Fog," Introduction and Parts One, Two, and Three, Cliopatria, 12, 13, 16, and __ January 2006.

Best Writer: Alan Baumler at Frog in a Well

Congratulations to the winners. I hope 2007 is a good year for the history blogosphere.

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