Wednesday, January 31, 2007

YouTube Video - The Six-Day War

Many of you may have noticed how popular YouTube has become. There is a ton of content on it allowing just about anyone the ability to put up video clips on just about any topic. A quick search on the word history brought up hundreds of video clips. Many had nothing to do with historical topics but most did.

I only watched a few videos. The quality was good in two cases and poor in another. I noted there were many History Channel clips here (copyright cleared?) as well. I liked this video which shows the history of the Six-Day War from 1967. I am going to go ahead and throw it up as an example of the new ways many are accessing history. Mind you, there is no real peer review on YouTube. I imagine there is a lot of junk and propaganda at online at this site.


Ken Leebow said...

I'm curious, after you watched this video, does it appear to be accurate?

M said...

As accurate as anything else from the History Channel I guess. This is actually an episode of the History Channel series Battlefield Detectives. It has a slight pro-Israeli slant but does include the Arab view.

I wonder how the History Channel feels about this episode being available at YouTube?