Sunday, February 04, 2007

Planet of the Apes on the History Channel?

I turned on the History Channel last night to see what was on and maybe get a good dose of history. However, I was immediately confused. I found myself watching a show about an astronaut who crashed on a planet populated by human fearing talking apes.

I thought perhaps I had accidentally turned it to the SciFi Channel. I double checked the channel. It was indeed the History Channel. Further, that big H was on the bottom right of the screen.

Wow, I started to think! This is a part of human history I have completely missed! Is this a dramatization of a newly declassified NASA report that the History Channel is revealing? I was getting excited.

After about ten minutes of this, my wife Kate came into the room and asks, "Oh, you are watching the Planet of the Apes movie." I was stunned. The History Channel had mislead me and put a fictional movie on the air?

Now, I am used to the History Channel having programming on Bigfoot, UFOs, Nazis and the occult, and the wonders of New Zealand bridges. However, there is always the pretense of history going on. But an old science fiction movie?

When I was a teenager two decades ago, MTV (Music Television Network) used to actually play music videos. Now you will be hard pressed to find any music on the channel. Is the History Channel about to abandon history? I shudder at the thought.


Jennie W said...

That is twisted! I just went to see if the History Channel could justify it...and looked at yesterday's programming. They showed some show about King Kong before it (could there really have been a giant ape type thing) and then a show about scientists search for the ape to man link after it....seemed they were on an evolution kick. Definitely makes you wonder. I tend not to watch the Hitler channel (as I call it because that seems all they show!) because it seems to only hit the popular topics. I will admit there are from time to time some good programming, but you have to watch really hard! I'm worried that next we are going to get reality TV, history channel style. I mean look at Digging for the Truth (a show I must admit I actually do like - he at least covers a vareity of topics - I really liked the one on Otzi) and you'll see it heading that way.

doughnuts said...

Perhaps it was an exercise in allohistory, a "what if", alternate scenario to say...a different outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Just kidding. Just a thought.

doughnuts said...

Sounds like History Channel could be trying to make monkeys out of us all :)

Grant Jones said...

Yeah, but I really enjoyed the showed that followed on human evolution from "Lucy" to us. It included interesting vignettes on the early scientists searching the world for the "missing link."

beancounter69 said...

I actually stayed up late to watch the Planet of the Apes. Call me weird or a sci-fi geek or both. I did notice that immediately following this program was another program on evolution, which I did not watch as it was two in the morning by this time. I believe they were trying to get people interested the evolution concept with a classic (in my opinion anyway) movie. I will not get into my thoughts on evolution at this time, but will say I think it was a nice lead in. At the very least, the History Channel was probably able to bring in some new viewers they might not otherwise have by airing this program. This allowed them to possibly capture some of these new viewer's interest through their advertisements of some of their upcoming shows such as one on how King Tut might have died. Having said all that, I do hope that the History Channel is not getting away from its "history".

Phidippides said...

I caught POTA as well on the History Channel - one of the greatest movies of all time, IMO. One could justify it being on the channel based on it being such a classic movie and part of pop culture. One could also justify it because its social commentary captures part of the zeitgeist of the late '60s/early '70s....nuclear Armageddon loomed, the nature of man and animal was being continually studied, and space flight and technology brought it all together. Great, great movie.