Monday, March 05, 2007

Fun Geography Games

Thanks to Byzantium's Shores for leading me towards two fun geography games. Both are simple. Type in as many American states or UN member nations as you can in ten minutes. Spelling counts! The American states game is here and the UN nation one is here.

I fear many of my students would not do to well with either. Geography seems to be lost on many of them. I once had a girl in class who was convinced that Canada was in Europe. (Well, she did reason it out. She had got on a plane, flown over water, and when she landed everyone was speaking French...)

When I was in Alaska last year, I overheard a tourist ask a cashier, "Do you accept American money in Alaska?" I often hear sports announcers covering an event in Hawaii who refer to their US mainland studios as being "back in the states." If you are in Hawaii, you are in the states. I do not think the sports announcers or the misguided tourist were making statements in favor of the Alaskan or Hawaiian separatist communities. They were all just being geographically illiterate.

I hope everyone does well on the two quizzes I linked to above. I would imagine most people who take the time to read a history blog have a high degree of geography knowledge.

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