Friday, March 23, 2007

International Polar Heritage Committee

International Polar Heritage Committee. This site provides a resource for those working to preserve and protect the non-indigenous human heritage of Antarctic and Arctic regions. It includes information about the organization, reference material, and related groups.

From the site:

This site is provided by the International Polar Heritage Committee (IPHC) as a resource of information on matters related to the human heritage of Arctic and Antarctic regions. It is offered to everyone with an interest in the preservation and protection of the history of exploration, research and exploitation in polar areas.

The IPHC does not claim to have specific expertise in matters related to the indigenous heritage of Arctic regions but it is committed to co-operate closely with groups that do.

Our aim is make this web site as comprehensive and accurate as possible with regular updates of news so we suggest you check the site often. If you have information or suggestions which you would like us to include please contact us.

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