Friday, April 13, 2007

Marcus Garvey

I recently visited Marcus Garvey which is the official site of the Jamaican national hero, Marcus Garvey, who founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL). The site features his profile, philosophy, nationalistic activities, articles, poems, and photo gallery.

This site is a treasure trove of primary documents. Anyone researching Marcus Garvey will find a lot of information here. I did find the site a bit awkward to navigate but I did get used to it after clicking around for a while.

Here is an excerpt from SENEGALESE NEGRO DEPUTY TRAITOR TO HIS COUNTRY, AFRICA which was an Editorial Letter by Marcus Garvey in the Negro World:

I have now before me a cable report from Paris, published in the New York World of the 20th inst., in which Monsieur Diagne, the black Senegalese Deputy, has been quoted by the "Echo de Paris" as saying, among other things published in a front page article of this French newspaper, that "Garvey's crusade for the redemption of Africa will comc to nothing, for African Negroes are diverse and lacking in cohesion. The dangerous Utopia proposed would not serve their real interests. The majority of both Negro Congresses at Paris in 1919 and at Brussels in i92i opposed Garveyism strongly." The reporter of the "Echo de Paris" asked Diagne the following question: "Is the movement dangerous?" He answered, "Not now, but eventually." Thc paper went on to say, however, that Monsieur Diagne himself as a Negro believes that most Americans are eager to see Garvey succeed and take the surplus Negro population out of the country. He says the United States Negro population has risen from four millions in 1866 to fifteen millions now.

In the above statements Monsieur Diagne runs true to form. This countryman of Siki has exhibited the same love for his race as the n[o]w discredited light-heavyweight champion of Europe. Siki, as everybody knows, is married to a white woman, and immediately after he won his championship he offered $50,000 to anyone who could change him from black into white. Monsieur Diagne, the Deputy for Senegal, has also a white wife, and we feel sure that he would offer any amount of money to change his color. This accounts for the lack of "cohesion" and the "diversity" he speaks of in his countrymen, judging his countrymen from his own feeling and standard. Diagne does not know that all Africans do not feel like him on the race question.

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