Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tax Day 2007

Today is April 15th, which means taxes are due in the United States. OK, actually, they are due tomorrow as today is Sunday. However, April 15th is the traditional date for tax filing. Work out thine own taxes with fear and trembling...

On AOL, I found the following on a list of bad ideas for tax claims:

"Don't believe these outlandish claims: the Sixteenth Amendment concerning congressional power to lay and collect income taxes was never ratified; wages are not income; filing a return and paying taxes are merely voluntary; and being required to file Form 1040 violates the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination or the Fourth Amendment right to privacy. These arguments are false and have been thrown out of court."

The anti-federal tax crowd has lots of websites and documents "proving" how they are historical and legally correct and that Americans do not have to pay a Federal income tax. Heed these sites at your own risk! Despite their claims of illegal taxation, no court has ever ruled the current Federal income tax to be illegal. Hence, it is legal. It is the courts which decide what is or is not legal rather than finely crafted websites.

Consider this in comparison. There are lots of sites and documents out there claiming that Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, and every state that was part of the Confederacy are illegally occupied and not "legally" part of the United States. The "scholars" and "historians" behind these have lots of convoluted legal analysis "proving" their claims. Yet, no court (American or international) has ratified these claims. Quite the contrary, the courts refuse to hear the claims or rule against them. Hence, despite the highly refined sophistry of these separatists, their claims are legal baloney.

Do you believe that large portions of the USA are not really legally part of the USA? No? Then why would you also believe the equally absurd claims that the Federal income tax is illegal? Do not risk your home and your freedom on risky legal and historical claims.

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Jack Le Moine said...

Actually, Tax Day this year is Tuesday, not tomorrow. This is due to Emancipation Day in ____. Do you know where?

You may go to the IRS website to find the answer.