Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Google Bans Essay Writing Adverts

Sean Coughlan at the BBC has this report titled Google bans essay writing adverts. Google has finally decided to not allow online essay writing companies to advertise in the Google Adwords program. Coughlan wrote, "Google is to ban adverts for essay writing services - following claims that plagiarism is threatening the integrity of university degrees. There have been complaints from universities about students being sold customised essays on the internet."

Evidently, the adverts in Adwords have worked for some of these companies. Coughlan wrote, "But one of the UK companies fearing that it will be prevented from advertising,, is angry at the threat to its business - with 80% of its customers coming through Google. "

Students who buy or borrow material from many of the plagiarism oriented sites are usually easy to catch. A simple Google phrase search or a run of a paper through Turnitin.Com will find the original source. However, sites which sell original, uniquely written and tailored content which will never be put online are harder to deal with. How am I as an instructor ever going to be able to prove the student did not write the paper?

Good move Google. Now, can you identify and then ban these sites from your search results?

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