Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pirates Hold - Pirate History and Beyond

The Pirate's Hole. Yet another fun site I have found recently on my whirlwind tour of newly noticed history related sites...

This site includes a Pirate of the Month profile, timeline of piracy throughout history, pirate roster, ships, maps, books, glossary, and links to festivals. With a new Pirates of the Caribbean coming out on May 25th, I have no doubt that this and other pirate sites are going to see a spike up in their traffic.

From the site:

Who knows what you might find in a pirates hold; sugar, exotic spices, fine silks, gold, prisoners waiting to be ransomed, moldy bread, rats, cockroaches, all nature of treasure and trash. This site will try to contain the treasures of information, images, sources and things relating to pirates. It will concentrate on the historical aspects, but if I find something particularly intriguing I may include it. There are a good number of images and some sound bites, but I will try to keep the biggest of them in the Hold and off the other pages.


jonathan even-zohar said...

Consider Thepiratebay.org one of the world largest "ports" of illegal trade/torrents.
There is more to piratehood then 17th century wants.

M said...

I agree. However, I checked out the legal threats page at the site and found that rather amusing. In particular, I liked the "pirates" responses to the legal notices.