Wednesday, May 16, 2007 This site includes photographs, timelines, biographies of heroes, and gear from the Vietnam War. Includes articles, book review, and news.

The site has a heavy pro-American bias and is commercially oriented. Despite this, I found it useful and fun to browse.

From the site:

By November 1965, General Vo Nguyen Giap's regular North Vietnamese Army divisions had begun a bloody testing of the American divisions on the battlefield, and large numbers of American troops were becoming casualties. Major unit commanders needed to know what was outside the range of influence of their heaviest guns. As in every war, secret long-range patrols were the answer.

In December 1965, my home was the 5th Special Forces Group long-range reconnaissance unit known as Delta Project. Our four-man team was given an area recon mission to search for enemy activity. No information was available on our target area.

After completing our mission preparation, the team loaded aboard a Huey the next afternoon and flew to the AO. It was late in the day as we approached our area and made a false insertion, before turning north to our actual LZ. The sun had dropped behind the mountains as we neared our insertion point, now covered in deep shadows. The chopper had flared and hovered to far out in the field, leaving us with a long run to the safety of the darkening forest. We jumped into the tall grass and sprinted for the tree line.

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