Thursday, June 07, 2007

Virtual Religion Index

Virtual Religion Index - This site is a large link collection from Rutgers University, categorised by religion. Also includes resources for ancient religions, archaeology, philosophy, sociology of religion, and psychology of religion. There are a lot of good links here that history resreachers would find of interest.

From the site:

This site is designed to advance research in matters of religion. As a global forum that may be accessed instantaneously anywhere, the internet promises to surpass the impact of the printing press on the study of religion. Gutenberg made possible the family Bible. The WWW puts a global library of free information on the desk of anyone with a computer & internet access.

Efficient use of these resources, however, requires cataloging. Many religion-related web pages offer lists of links to sites of related interest. Some are extensive & a few annotated. Still, important tools & texts are often published & stashed in out of the way corners of the web, like here. To locate them one needs something deeper than a list of favorites, yet more circumspect than a search engine.

This Virtual Religion Index is a tool for students with little time. It analyzes & highlights important content of religion-related websites to speed research. Hyperlinks are provided not only to homepages but to major directories & documents within. Our purpose is not to circumvent tours of worthy sites, but to cut down the time spent on surfing & sorting of automated searches. After all if you know what source has information you can use, chances are you will visit it more often. We offer this free service in hope that you will come here again & again.

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