Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Creating Online History Quizzes

I have featured several online history themed quizzes on this blog. And that got me thinking, how hard would it be for me to create one?

So, I went to and gave it a try. It did not go well. I was not sure what the best type of quiz was to select. My choice was not what I intended. However, all attempts to start over failed as the site tried to force me to give the name and the password of the quiz I was working on previously rather than letting me start from scratch.

There are many other Web quiz program out there. Has anyone had any success with any of them? What is your favorite? Which is easiest? Do you use them in class or just online for blogs?

I will keep trying. I like history, trivia, and good blog filler material. Any comments though are very appreciated.

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gidon shaviv said...


I've created a website where I'm putting together all the historical podcasts and organizing them into a useful directory. I'm making pages for specific historical Figures , and putting on each page all of the relevant episodes for that character from the different podcasts. So for example if you searching for podcasts about Napoleon, you will find 10 different podcasts with around 35 episodes about him. Or there is a different page dedicated to podcasts about Alexander the Great.

Please check out my page:
I'm sure you get many e-mails asking you to link to them. However I'm sure you will see that my page is a high quality site and a useful tool. I started the page a week ago, and I need links to help the site grow.

thanks! let me know what you think!