Monday, August 20, 2007

Arlo & Janis on the History Channel

I was very amused to see the Arlo & Janis comic strip by Jimmy Johnson in the paper today. It is not only historians who note that the History Channel is not always a font of historical wisdom.

The strip reads:

Frame 1: (Milo on couch)- History Channel, "This photo was taken in 1957, in Possum, Louisiana..."

Frame 2: (Janis enters the room)- Janis, "Has there ever been a confirmed sighting of a flying saucer?"

Frame 3: Arlo, "Nope."

Frame 4: (Janis leaves the room)- Janis, "Then why are there programs about them on the History Channel?"

Good question Janis (Mr. Johnson). The History Channel is good at having shows about UFOs and other marginal history material. It seems that every week, there is an episode about the Nazi movement and the occult as well. My response is that popular culture is history even when the presentation of it is bad history.

I still like and watch the History Channel. There are good programs there. I just wish their economic model did not require them to air so many marginal programs. Thanks for the nice strip Mr. Johnson.

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