Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Vermont Liberation Front!

The people of Vermont have long been oppressed by the evil machinations of the United States. Not only do American Presidents get elected contrary to the preferences of Vermont voters but (gasp!) Wal-Mart and McDonald's keep trying to establish footholds in the state. Enough is enough! A group of Vermonters has an idea that if they leave the American Union, and establish an independent Vermont Republic, the liberation of Vermont will be at hand.

The Second Vermont Republic is attempting to have Vermont secede from the Union. The site notes, "The Second Vermont Republic is a peaceful, democratic, grassroots voluntary association committed to the return of Vermont to its rightful status as an independent republic as was the case from 1777 to 1791, and to support Vermont's future development as a separate, sustainable nation-state."

Unfortunately for this group, the issue of secession was settled by the American Civil War and the United States Supreme Court. Christopher Ketcham in Long Live Secession! wrote, "Which brings us back to zealous Thomas Naylor and the modern-day secessionists. Unfortunately, they face a Supreme Court decision barring the path to disunion -- the 1868 case of Texas vs. White, in which Lincoln's ex-treasurer and court appointee Salmon P. Chase, who wrote the legislation that financed the Civil War, issued the judicial coup de grĂ¢ce to secession. Chase's justification in the highest court was fundamentally the same as Lincoln's on the brink of war, and almost identical in language. Chase said that despite Texas' having been an independent republic before joining the union in 1845, it had no right to secede. 'The Constitution,' Chase wrote, 'in all its provisions, looks to an indestructible Union, composed of indestructible States.'

And any secession of an American state is more than just a local decision impacting 600,000 people in Vermont. Even a single state leaving the Union would set the legal precedence for any state to leave. The eventual destruction of the United States would very likely eventually occur. Why would hundreds of millions of Americans in other states who have no desire to allow such local issues in Vermont such as a distaste of capitalism as expressed by Wal-Mart to threaten the existence of their nation?

"This is a call for nonviolent revolt against the world's global superpower by 608,000 people," Thomas Naylor said. "What will the superpower do? Will it burn off the sugar maple trees? Will it destroy all the black-and-white Holstein cows? Just imagine trying to enslave independent-minded Vermonters."

Um, yeah. Have you heard of Sherman's March to the Sea? Do you see how much of the American south was devastated by the American Civil War? How much military force would it really take to put down a "non-violent" revolt? Vermont would remain in the Union and the Web would have dozens of new sites claiming that Vermont was "illegally occupied" by the USA. And life would go on. No American President would ever allow any state to leave except under the most dire of circumstances. Unless Canada defeats the US in a war and demands Vermont independence as a condition of peace, it is not going to happen.

Free Vermont! Perhaps this can be done by throwing out the separatists?


Jack Le Moine said...

I enjoy your posts.

While Vermonters are a little nuts, you just got to remember the militias from the Pacific Northwest from a few years ago. Those were INDIVIDUALS who had declared that they had seceeded from the USA and ceased paying taxes. There was some controversy when they were arrested. Could never understand myself what the controversy was about.

I don't pay taxes, I go to jail. Why shouldn't they?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Hawaii doesn't have a monopoly on kooks.