Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Atomic Platters

Atomic Platters. How about some fun 40s and 50s popular culture music dealing with nukes? This archive of strange, pro-atomic bomb cold war music is from the golden age of homeland security. Includes old-time favorites like, "Jesus Hits Like an Atomic Bomb" and "Bert the Turtle (the Duck and Cover Song)".

I personally like THIRTEEN WOMEN (AND ONLY ONE MAN IN TOWN) [1954] by Bill Haley and His Comets. Something catchy about:

I had 3 gals dancin' the Mambo
Three gals ballin' the jack
And-a all-a the rest really did their best
Boy they sure were a lively pack

I thought I was in Heaven
And all of these angels were mine
But I woke up and I ended the dream
'Cause I had to get to work on time

Another interesting song is JESUS IS GOD'S ATOMIC BOMB [1950] by Swan's Silvertone Singers. Catchy lyrics include:

Have you heard about the blast in Japan
How it killed so many people and scorched the land
Oh, yes
Oh, it can kill your natural body
But the Lord can kill your soul
That's why I know Jesus
Oh, Jesus is God's--I declare--atomic bomb
Oh, yes

Information from the site:

Every art form had to deal with the arrival of the atomic age in one manner or another. Some artists were reserved and intellectual in their approach, others less so. The world of popular music, for one, got an especially crazy kick out of the Bomb. Country, blues, jazz, gospel, rock and roll, rockabilly, Calypso, novelty and even polka musicians embraced atomic energy with wild-eyed, and some might argue, inappropriate enthusiasm. These musicians churned out a variety of truly memorable tunes featuring some of the most bizarre lyrics of the 20th century. If it weren't for Dr. Oppenheimer's creation, for example, would we have ever heard lines like "Nuclear baby, don't fission out on me!" or "Radioactive mama, we'll reach critical mass tonight!"?

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